Youth Special Needs

Aim High Program

Aim High is a modified Secondary Cycle 1 program designed for students aged 12-15 that are not fully academically, emotionally, or behaviourally ready for the reality of a regular high school experience. These students may need a smaller class, different pace of instruction, fewer transitions and more resource support, and this is what the Aim High program offers. The purpose is to help students build confidence in themselves no matter what their academic goals are – whether it be to re-integrate into the high school regular stream or opt for an alternative program.

 The Aim High program has learning outcomes which are substantially different from the prescribed curriculum and evaluation, and specifically selected to meet the students’ special needs: 

  • Teachers may eliminate some of the curriculum that is too difficult for the students, and students can therefore spend more time on basic academic skills, such as literacy and numeracy. The Aim High teacher designs the activities and evaluations to test the students at their level. 
  • Aim High students do not take any standardized or Ministry exams, as all evaluations are created by the Aim High teacher.
  • Students get a tremendous amount of resource support, as each small Aim High class has a Child Care Worker assigned to just that one class.

For more information about the Aim High program and for registration information, please contact Andrea Carter: