Specialty Classrooms

The Science Lab is a safe and clean environment where students can conduct experiments under the supervision of teachers and lab technicians. It has all the safety equipment and tools needed to learn about the facts of science with a hands-on approach.

Everywhere in the world, food brings people together, and James Lyng is no different. The community kitchen might be the room that feels the most like home in the entire school. Host to multiple cooking programs, students learn valuable life skills that allow them to gain confidence and develop healthy habits.

In these fast-paced times of technological advancements, access to a computer has almost become universally necessary. Our computer room provides our students with individual access to PCs with educational software installed. All classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards, and have access to mobile iPad and laptop labs.

The JLHS gym features a full-size regulation basketball court with 6 baskets, allowing for multiple games to take place simultaneously and safely. It also features a workout room with weights, stationary bikes and machines for usage under the supervision of the physical education teacher.