School Specific Program / Youth Special Needs

Resource Program

Lester B. Pearson High School has a highly successful Resource Program. The program is geared to students who have mild learning difficulties.

The Resource Program consists of two streams - students may be placed in integrated classes or they may be placed in enclosed classes. In either case, the students follow a regular grade level program with adaptations.

Integrated Classes

Integrated students have access to a Resource Room where they receive individual help with tests, quizzes, and projects.

Enclosed Classes

Students may be placed in self-contained classes for Math, English, French, Science, Geography, and History from Secondary I to V.

These classes consist of a smaller group setting and students receive adaptations such as being read to, having extra time to complete tasks, and going at a slower pace to name a few.

All students in the Resource Program follow an IEP (Individual Education Plan) where specific objectives and strategies are outlined in order for students to receive necessary help and services.

Students are taught study skills, work habits, reading and writing strategies, and organizational skills which may be used in all classes.

Students write the regular midterm, final, and Ministry exams and will receive a high school diploma once they complete the necessary requirements to graduate.