Youth Special Needs

Re-Focus Program

Re-Focus is a self-contained (or closed) class within a regular school. The program designed in particular for secondary students with behavioural or emotional difficulties generally in conjunction with low academic functioning and/or mild intellectual challenges. 

The program includes the formation of partnerships with community organizations in order to assist students in developing their social abilities. Emphasis is on preparing students for a Pre-Work or Semi-Skills Program.  A behaviour technician is assigned to the class and consultation services are provided by a special education consultant and guidance counsellor.

Self-contained classes are designed to provide a low teacher/student ratio, as well as increased access to services for special education students whose needs cannot be effectively addressed in a regular classroom setting.

The decision to place a student in a self-contained class is only considered after numerous attempts have been unsuccessful to incorporate the student within the regular classroom.  Such a decision is made after appropriate consultation with the student's parents, teachers and professionals via a case-conference.

The goal of this program, as with all self-contained classrooms is to integrate the student into a regular classroom setting.