Community Learning Centre

JLHS has a Community Learning Centre (CLC), supported by LEARN Quebec. The CLC allows the school to establish greater connection to the community. Second language French instruction has been provided to the parents of our students as well as members in the community at large. 

The CLCs initiative is aimed at supporting the development of a diverse group of CLCs that will serve as ‘hubs’ for English-language education and community development in their respective communities, as well as offer models for future practice. Some of the key results anticipated from CLCs are:

  • Provide access to the conditions deemed necessary for student success
  • Respond to the particular culture and needs of the communities they serve
  • Provide services that are accessible to the broader community
  • Deliver a range of services that are self-supporting and sustainable over time
  • Integrate existing services and resources with those available from external agencies
  • Develop financial/resource partnerships that insure long-term sustainability
  • Resonate within their communities as a successful response to their needs
  • Demonstrate flexible and innovative approaches to service delivery