james lyng staff


Our staff

Our dedicated staff works diligently to support our students throughout their academic and extra-curricular pursuits.  Please feel free to contact our staff should you have any questions or concerns about your child's (children's) life at school.

2018-2019 staff list


Lino Buttino Principal lbuttino@emsb.qc.ca
Marilyn Ramlakhan Vice-Principal mramlakhan@emsb.qc.ca
Jackie Gomes Secretary jgomes@emsb.qc.ca

Support Staff

Mikaella Goldsmith CLC Coordinator mgoldsmith@emsb.qc.ca
Maria Di Stavolo Parent-Student Animator  
Paolo Ruscito Spiritual and Community Animator pruscito@emsb.qc.ca
Stephanie Kaplan Guidance Counsellor skaplan@emsb.qc.ca
Parveen William School Organization Technician pwilliam@emsb.qc.ca
Kamlesh Jain-Jain Librarian kjain-jain@emsb.qc.ca
Gordon Butt Day Caretaker  

Teaching Staff

K. Bourne Teacher kbourne@emsb.qc.ca
G. Bortolotti Teacher gbortolotti@emsb.qc.ca
J. Clarke Teacher jclarke@emsb.qc.ca
N. Gage Teacher ngage@emsb.qc.ca
K. Gardner Teacher kgardner@emsb.qc.ca
T. Humphrey Teacher thumprey@emsb.qc.ca
A. Manuel Teacher amanuel@emsb.qc.ca
A. Mier Teacher mmier@emsb.qc.ca
M. Pfleeger Teacher mpfleeger@emsb.qc.ca
O. Serino Teacher oserino@emsb.qc.ca
H. Stambelos Teacher hstambelos@emsb.qc.ca
R. Van Atten Teacher rvanatten@emsb.qc.ca
M. Warner Teacher mwarmer@emsb.qc.ca

Special education technicians

O. Davy Behaviour Technician odavy@emsb.qc.ca
M. Drayton Behaviour Technician mdrayton@emsb.qc.ca
N. Willett Child Care Worker nwillett@emsb.qc.ca