school and community services


services for students and families

James Lyng High School provides a range of services to students and their families on a daily basis such as library and cafeteria, guidance counselling, physical and mental health services. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to consult with James Lyng administration, teachers and personnel for any questions or concerns.


in-school services



The guidance department is equipped to provide a full range of personal, academic and career counselling services. Appointments may be made at the Guidance office outside class hours. The student must show the appointment slip when leaving and returning to class.


Health Services

A Public Health Nurse is provided by CSSS for one day a week. The nurse cannot prescribe medication. Students cannot be dismissed by the nurse. This must be done at the school office on the recommendation of the Health Service. It is essential that the school be informed of the telephone numbers of parents or relatives to be reached in case of an emergency. (On Registration form).



An invitation is extended to the parents of James Lyng High School students to consult with the teachers, student services personnel, and the administration at convenient times during school hours. Appointments are to be made by telephone 846-8814.



The library is intended to be a resource area for the whole school. You are encouraged to use the library to do your homework and study; to read for pleasure; and to do research. There is a wide variety of books and magazines as well as computers with access to Internet available to you. In order to keep the library operating efficiently, you are asked to observe the following regulations:

  • The library opens each morning at 8:00 a.m. and remains open each day until 3:30 in the afternoon.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the library. “ MP3/ ipod ” type devices are not allowed in the library. Students are required to leave their schoolbags and other belongings on the tables at the entrance.
  • Individuals or small groups are permitted to use the library throughout the school day with written permission from their teacher.
  • Students are free to checkout books from the library for a period of two weeks. If the book is not returned on the due date, 5 cents a day fine will be imposed for the overdue book. If no one else has reserved the book, the book may be renewed at the end of the two week loan period.
  • Borrowers are held responsible for the replacement costs of any library book damaged or lost.
  • Students who want to spend their lunch hour in the library for serious and quiet work may do so with their pass.
  • Do not disturb other students who need a quiet environment in which to study.



The cafeteria serves both hot and cold balanced meals. No purchase is required to eat in the cafeteria. Students must conduct themselves properly and must clean their tables after eating. Any student failing to do so will be refused the use of the cafeteria facilities. No eating allowed outside of the cafeteria.


breakfast program

All students are invited to enjoy our free breakfast in the cafeteria between 7:50 and 8:10am each day.



These are loaned free of charge to the pupils. The textbooks are the property of the School Commission, and must be treated with proper care. STUDENTS MUST PAY REPLACEMENT COST FOR LOST, STOLEN, OR DAMAGED TEXTBOOKS.