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Study after study shows that student achievement improves when parents play an active role in their children’s education. Good schools become even better when parents are involved. Students are more likely to be motivated, to earn higher grades, to have better behaviour and social skills, and to continue their education to a higher level when their parents are actively engaged in supporting their success at school.

Parent engagement goes hand-in-hand with effective communication with your teenager’s school and teacher.

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Community Learning Centre

CLCs are partnerships that provide a range of services and activities, often beyond the school day, to help meet the needs of learners, their families, and the wider community.


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Many parents seek support for their children and themselves as they face the challenges that life brings their way.  Support within the school is offered through the Guidance Counsellor and the Student Supervisor, however many sources of outside support are available as well.  The following is a list of some helpful hotlines and contact information which may be of use: 

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Mental Health and Social Services