James Lyng student houses


Achieving, Believing, chasing, dreaming

In order to improve our students' sense of belonging at school, and further support our school community, we have created a House System.  Each student is assigned to a House upon their first day at our school, and remains attached to their house throughout their tenure at James Lyng High School. 


Houses compete for points throughout the school year for positive actions such as effort, good deeds, attendance, as well as their participation and won challenges during House Games competitions.


Student houses


Motto: "Together the wolf pack can achieve anything"


Motto: "Believa-bulls take charge - believe or leave"


Motto: "We are the chasers, catch us if you can!"


Motto: "We are the clouds you see in the sky. While others fly low, we fly high!"

House points for 2016-2017

  • Believers:
  • Achievers:
  • Chasers:
  • Dreamers:

House Games for 2016-2017