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Cultivating student learning through citizenship and community participation.

Schools, vocational and adult training centres are not only part of the educational system, they are part of the communities they serve. This connection is important in Anglophone communities, especially those which only represent a small percentage of the total population in their area. The benefits of this connection have been well demonstrated in a wide variety of contexts:

The school’s impact on students is strengthened by the support of family and community, while the latter are strengthened by the support of the school.

‘Together we’re stronger’ is a particularly apt expression to describe the potential of collaborative school-community relations: schools/centres, community groups and other public and private sector agencies working together to improve the opportunities to and from life-long learning for youth and adults and contribute to the overall development of the community.


What is a community learning centre?

The CLCs initiative is aimed at supporting the development of a diverse group of CLCs that will serve as ‘hubs’ for English-language education and community development in their respective communities, as well as offer models for future practice. Some of the key results anticipated from CLCs are:

  • Provide access to the conditions deemed necessary for student success
  • Respond to the particular culture and needs of the communities they serve
  • Provide services that are accessible to the broader community
  • Deliver a range of services that are self-supporting and sustainable over time
  • Integrate existing services and resources with those available from external agencies
  • Develop financial/resource partnerships that insure long-term sustainability
  • Resonate within their communities as a successful response to their needs
  • Demonstrate flexible and innovative approaches to service delivery

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our Partners


AIDS community care montreal

ACCM is a community organization working to enhance the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS, to prevent HIV transmission, and to promote community awareness and action. 


Air Canada Foundation

The Air Canada Foundation helps connect sick children to the medical care they need, alleviate child poverty, and make the wishes of ill kids come true.


Big Brothers Big Sisters Montreal

Big Brothers Big Sisters perseveres in its mission to pair mentors with children who need a significant presence in their lives.


Erin Sports association

The Erin Sports Association was established over 80 years ago as a social club. Today, the association promotes sports in the Irish community and holds charitable events.


Generations Foundation

Develops and administers programs which will help to improve the quality of life for persons of all ages. Given the level of child poverty in Montreal, the initial focus is on Children.


McGill Faculty of Education

In partnership with MELS, the McGill Faculty of Education prepares university students to organize outreach activities and conduct research for school improvement. 


McGill Dept of integrated studies in education

The Department of Integrated Studies in Education offers Teaching Certification programs at all universirty levels.


Montreal Alouettes

Together at School with CN and the Alouettes is a community outreach program supporting elementary and high school students in the greater Montreal area.


Tyndale St-Georges

Since 1927, Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre has offered empowering, supportive programs and services to the community of Little Burgundy in South-West Montreal. 


Share the Warmth

Share the Warmth provides food, school supplies, youth groups, tutoring, scholarships and music, a food bank, a second-hand shop, work programs and more.


YMCA Montreal

All of The YMCAs of Québec’s community projects are designed to promote positive, active involvement by the young and not so young in their community.


YOTC - Youth Opportunities through Community

A youth led organization dedicated to reducing barriers in access to athletics for Montreal youth.


Youth Fusion

Establishes partnerships between high schools and universities, to counter dropout rates, by implementing projects that motivate youth and keep them interested in school.

More partners