Welcome to James Lyng


Our mission

James Lyng High School strives to provide a caring and supportive community that provides different pathways to success for youth, their families and the wider community. James Lyng embraces students of all abilities with the belief that our web of support and a strong teaching philosophy can offer success for all.

Our Educational Project

What is an educational project?

The Education Act requires each school and centre to develop an educational project which sets out the mission, aims, and objectives of the school and the means of implementing and evaluating them.

These objectives are part of the Managment and Educational Success Agreement (M.E.S.A) and the School Success Plan.

Management and Educational Success Plan

In order for the school and the school board to comply with the Education Act article 209.2(1)(2)(3)(4), the school board and school must sign a Management and Educational Success Agreement. This must be done annually.

This Agreement outlines the commitments made by the school board and the school to achieve their mission of successfully instructing, qualifying and socializing students. The Management and Educational Success Agreement defines the school/centre role in supporting the school board objectives and targets for student success, within the school board strategic plan and in line with the Ministère de l’Éducation, des Loisirs et du Sport goals.

M.E.S.A. (2015-2016)

School Policies and Procedures

Uploaded: 2016-09-26

Our Vision

At James Lyng, we hope to develop a sense of engagement for our students whereby their self worth and innate skills are recognized and supported in an educational environment. The goal is achieved once they see a purpose to successfully completing high school, and feel they can subsequently be meaningful contributors in learning environments or job-related venues beyond the constraints of their immediate community. In order to achieve this, we look toward developing positive partnerships with post-secondary institutions, community organisations, and providers of health and social services as well as working closely with the families of our students.